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144.33 €

Gps-alarm & tracker.


  • ART. NBR: 6000
  • REC. PRICE: 144.33 €

GeoSafe is designed to be mounted in the car, boat, camper, truck, mc, vattens- kotern etc. or for use as a personal panic and social alarm.

Complete alarm with magnetic contact and siren. Moving device outside the set Geofence, if the door contact is opened or the power is interrupted, the alarm and sms & calls to all users occurs, depending on the setting. Assault / security sludge. With an operating time of up to 8 days before it is time to charge the battery. Proximity alerts. Send position request via the app and GeoSafe will appear automatically on the map.

Smart Ideas for ease of use.
With an extremely simple app, you can control all of its GeoSafe devices via a single control. Up to 6 users per GeoSafe. The app is available for both iOS and Android. The app communicates via SMS & Bluetooth (Bluetooth Android only). Thanks to the compact design (61,5x46x22mm) it is easy to hide away for a permanent installation, or instance shove in your pocket or child's backpack to use as a personal alarm.

You can always do "Postionsförfrågan". GeoSafe then send back its current location and show on a map. In a "Status Request" Get Back On / Off alarmed, Geofence, relay on / off, GSM signal, GPS signal and battery voltage (internal & external% in the Volt).

GeoSafe warn of broken constant current, low battery voltage (internal & external), when moving outside their GeoFenceområde or if any of the 2 alarm input aisles alerts. There is also a relay output as one example, can control the refrigerator or heater. When used without constant current switched on, it will trigger Geo- Safe when you press the two SOS buttons on the device.

Weight 60 g
Size 61,5 x 46 x 22 mm
Voltage 6-45 Volt
Internal battery YES (8 days)
Rechargeable Battery YES
Water resistant YES
Warranty 2 Year
Remote control Controlled by APP on Android and iOS
Included accessories Magnetic sensor, external siren, USB charging cable, Mounting cables, Holder
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